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  June 2015  
ACCESSOIRE - Graphic Daydream
ACCESSOIRE - Graphic Daydream
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With its characteristic trademark, Élitis has created a second collection of home accessories «L’Accessoire» , once again reflecting its distinctive essence. Free and unconstrained drawings remind us of those found in a sketchbook. A paintbrush strolls through a garden bursting with flowers, hesitates and ink fuses, a spurt of imagination and tiny watercolor patterns come to life. Multiple influences abound, drawings interconnect and coordinate on linen, velvet and silk, inspired by a colorful theme.
GYPSET STYLE - Natural sophistication
GYPSET STYLE - Natural sophistication
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To create the Gypset style with Élitis products, just mix ultra-sophisticated and ultra-natural materials and the possibilities are endless. For example, «Robinson» wall covering in abaca bark with «Gypsies» linen, «Mindoro» hand-dyed sheets of paper mache with «Dolcezza» embroidery, a «Mindoro» white bamboo wall with a «Feliz» printed silk voile and cushions from our L’Accessoire range to add a final touch, and voila!
Event - NEW-York & MILAN
Event - NEW-York & MILAN
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2015 has been packed full of events, each special and one of a kind. In New York, in March, an atmosphere worthy of the Warhol years: a reception in an industrial loft in Brooklyn in a sublime soundscape with OMA creations. The scene was quite different in Milan where spring took on a summer look at this edition of the Salone del Mobile. In the gardens of Superstudio Piu, the walls of the little house of Materials Village, dressed up in Wonderland wallpaper, raised curiosity and attracted attention with their irresistible charm. Waves of our visitors from around the world attended the 6 day event. We never grow tired of meeting our public, and never pass up an opportunity to express and share our emotions.
ADVERTISING CAMPAIGN. Currently, we can be seen in the following magazines
Elle décorationADDeco
China (Shanghai)
From 2 to 3 July
Paris (France)
Paris Design Week
From 5 to 12 September
Austria (Vienna)
From 16 to 17 September
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